Preserved eggplant, mushroom preserve, San Daniele ham, parmesan
    cheese and canastra cheese
  • San Daniele HAM with melon
  • Burrata with tomatoes, arugula and Parma ham
  • Meat CARPACCIO with capers pesto
  • Grilled OCTOPUS alla vinaigrette
  • Fresh tomato BRUSCHETTA
  • Goat cheese BRUSCHETTA with Parma ham and fig honeny
  • Pizza dough with burrata, arugula and red onion
  • Canastra cheese “pasteis” (8 unit.)
  • FRIED COD CAKES (6 unit.)
  • Arancini FRIED RICE BALLS stuffed with sausage
  • ANGUS MEATBALLS with spicy tomato sauce
  • DEEP-FRIED EGGPLANT layered with cheese and tomato sauce



    Mix of leaves with caramelized pear and blue cheese.
  • TOSCANA                                                                                                                                                Lettuce, tomatoes, Paris mushroom, buffalo mozzarella, clue cheese,
    parmesan, portuguese olives, basil, and croutons.
    Mix of leaves, endive, tomatoes, parmesan, hearts of palm,
    strips of smoked salmon with sweet and sour dressing.
    Lettuce, chicken breast slices, croutons, parmesan cheese and Caesar dressing.


  • GNOCCHI with bolognese sauce
  • SPAGUETTI with bolognese sauce
  • SPAGUETTI cacio e pepe Cheese and black pepper sauce
  • SPAGUETTI ALLA NERANO Zucchini and provolone cheese
  • SPAGUETTI Carbonara
  • SPAGUETTI with sea food
  • TAGLIATELLE Putanesca
  • RIGATONI with tomatoes, wild boar sausage and buffalo mozzarella – oven baked


Filled Pasta

  • buffalo mozzarella RAVIOLI with tomato sauce
  • veal TORTELLINI with porcini cream sauce
  • napolitan ragu LASAGNA



  • TOMATO with burrata anda pesto sauce
  • truffled MUSHROOM
  • SHRIMP and asparagus


  • GRILLED OCTOPUS with potatoes and broccoli
  • FISH OF THE DAY baked with vegetables
  • GRILLED SALMON with vegetables
  • MEDITERRANEAN cod with potatoes, red chilli, echalota and olive



  • SPRING CHIKEN with potatoes, asparagus and pancetta
  • UNDERDONE SLICED MEAT with arugula salad, tomatoes and parmesan
  • FILET MIGNON milanese with ruqueta salad, tomatoes and parmesan
  • STEAK WITH PORTOBELO mushrooms and pomodoro risotto
  • ANCHO BEEF with spinach gnocchi and gorgonzola sauce
  • PRIME RIB with roman gnocchi and cream sauce
  • OSSOBUCO with milanese risotto



  • Margherita – Tomato sauce, mozzarela, tomato slices and oregano
  • Margherita Pomodoro – Tomato sauce, buffa mozzarela, peeled tomato, parmesan and basil
  • Portobelo & Pomodoro – Tomato sauce, buffalo mozzarela, tomato and Portobelo mushroom
  • Aglio Nero – Tomato sauce, brie cheese, peeled tomato, black garlic confit and arugula
  • Romana – Tomato sauce, mozzarela, anchovies and parmesan cheese
  • Di Prosciutto – Tomato sauce, mozzarela, ham and green olives
  • Di Parma – Tomato sauce, buffalo mozzarela and Parma ham
  • Porro, Mascarpone & Parma – Leek, mascarpone cheese and Parma ham
  • Calabrese Cinghiale – Tomato sauce, mozzarela, wild boar sausage, parmesan and basil
  • Pepperoni Diavola – Tomato sauce, mozzarela, pepperoni, parmesan e pepper
  • Pollo & Catupiry – Tomato sauce, mozzarela, smoked chicken and catupiry



  • Tiramisu
  • PANNA COTTA with berry sauce
  • Hot muffin filled with meltted gianduja, served with vanilla ice-cream
  • Chocolat creamy mousse

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